Padel equipment

Time for some fresh padel gear before the trip?

Finding the right padel equipment can be a jungle in todays market, with more and more products releasing every day. That’s why we are partnering with, which are one of Swedens largest and best suppliers that offer all types of brands and equipments.

Choose the option that suits you the best from the categories below!

There are 3 different shapes on padel racks. There are round shape, drop shape and diamond shape.

With a weight balance closer to the handle and a so called ”sweetspot” in the middle. The round padel racks are the ones that give you the most control but usually with a little less speed. As these padel rackets also have the largest sweetspot, these are a good choice for beginners and exercisers.

With a balance and a sweetspot closer to the top, this type of padel racket is clearly the one that gives you the most powerful hits. However, usually at the expense of control and is therefore generally suitable for more advanced players.

Drop-shaped rackets are a mix between the round and the diamond versions. Drop-shaped padel rackets have a balance close to the center, are versatile and offer a combination of power and control. They are usually best suited for advanced exercisers and competition players.

Yes there is a difference. When it comes to the surface of the padel rackets, people usually talk about hard or soft surface. A soft surface is optimal for players who want speed in the balls without having to use a lot of force, such as beginners and/or players with less control. Thanks to the elasticity of the surface, the racket gives the balls a greater ”push” with less effort than a hard racket.

A hard surface provides more control due to recoil that comes from the hard surface. A skilled player gets good control and power from a hard surface.

Some padel rackets also have a slightly rougher surface. These allow you to get a little more grip on the ball and then more spin.

Padel balls lose pressure, bounce less and get less speed the longer you use them. Padel balls lose up to 30% of the pressure after a match, which gives durability of about 2 hours. It is therefore not uncommon to use new balls at every new match.

6-8 hours of play before the grip wrap is to be changed is a general benchmark for exercisers. The effect is often noticable in the grip and it’s also visually visible when the grip is worn.

For competition players, it is very individual where elite players can change grip before each match, each set or more depending on preference.

The movement pattern in the padel is varied, it requires explosive movement in all directions. This means that players need flexible shoes with an insole that allows you to get a grip on the track while allowing you to make quick movements. Some models reduce stability to become more agile, and some focus on stability at the expense of agility. The grip on the shoes also varies slightly as some players want to be agble to slide on the surface, while others want to get a grip immediately.

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