1. The Agreement

  • Padel Resort Spain is abbreviated as ”PRS” in the terms.
  • All bookings must be confirmed in writing by PRS through a booking confirmation.
  • The main traveler is the person in whose name the booking confirmation is issued.
  • The main traveler is financially responsible according to the agreement.
  • All changes and any cancellations must be made by the main traveler.
  • Any refund will be made to the main traveler.

2. Trips Including Flights

  • In the event of a group trip with flights included being canceled due to too few participants, rebooking or a refund will be made to the main traveler.
  • In case of canceled flights or flight delays affecting the trip, PRS are responsible to inform the main traveler.
  • The final payment for the trip must be provided to PRS at least 6 weeks before departure.
  • Flight numbers and departure times may be changed by the airlines.
  • The booking is non refundable once payment is made to PRS.
  • Individual airline rules apply to flight tickets. Costs associated with changes to flight bookings will be charged to the customer. 

3. Payment and Booking Confirmation

  • The booking is only confirmed when the reservation fee is received by PRS. The main traveler then receives a booking confirmation at the specified email address.
  • The final payment for the trip must be provided to PRS at least 4 weeks before departure or 6 weeks for bookings including flights.
  • If payment is not made on time, PRS reserves the right to cancel the trip.

4. Cancellation/Changes

  • If the traveler has not purchased cancellation protection, the paid amount will be charged according to the following time frames:
    • From the time of booking until 4 weeks before departure: 50% of the trip’s price, equivalent to the reservation fee.
    • 30 – 0 days before departure: 100% of the trip’s price, equivalent to reservation and final payment.
  • The traveler will be charged the cost of any name change fees from the airline.
  • In the event of purchasing a group trip package including flights, the reservation fee & final payment is non-refundable. However, the traveler can transfer their package to a new traveler at no cost up to 14 days before departure.

5. Cancellation Protection

  • The cost of cancellation protection is €30 per person and must be booked by the entire group. Cancellation protection must be used as a group; it cannot be used by an individual in the group.
  • Cancellation protection cannot be combined with trips including flights.
  • Cancellation protection allows free cancellation up to 14 days before departure.
  • Cancellation protection is not included in the price and must be ordered at the time of booking.

6. Final Confirmation/Travel Documents

  • The contents of the booked trip must be stated in the booking confirmation from PRS to be valid.
  • Travel documents will be provided after full payment has been completed. Travelers are responsible for checking all travel documents and promptly reporting any inaccuracies.

7. Complaints about the Trip

  • Any complaints should be reported to PRS immediately – via email to marc@padelresortspain.co.uk
  • Complaints must be made within one month of the trip’s completion.
  • The traveler is not entitled to compensation or damages if the organizer demonstrates that the error is due to an obstacle beyond the organizer’s control, such as weather conditions, natural disasters, strikes, pandemics.

8. Age Limit 18 Years

  • The traveler may not book any trip without having turned 18 years old.
  • If the traveler is younger than 18 years and wants to book a trip, the guardian must contact PRS to discuss suitability.

9. PRS Right to Terminate the Agreement in Unforeseen Events

  • PRS has the right to terminate the agreement after it becomes binding if the planned trip occurs during a disaster, pandemic, act of war, general strike, or other significant event that substantially affects the implementation of the trip or conditions at the destination at the time the trip is to be carried out. PRS also reserves the right to change the itinerary in the event of Force Majeure or illness of intended tour leaders.